In January 2014 there were over 1 billion web sites and about 180 million of these were active websites!

For the on-line shopper the internet is just too big and it keeps getting bigger. Too big, too much choice, too much time wasted searching.

I don’t want more choice I want BETTER choice and please can I have it all in one place! That’s what this site is about.


We use Trustwerty a review-validating, analytics service.

They have the proof on whether product reviews are legitimate or not, helping you to make more informed purchase decisions online.

Their algorithm is like truth serum

Their search engine returns only the highest-rated, most authentically-reviewed products. The algorithm can detect which top-rated products are actually deserving of their score. Based on this data, they rank products and give the top picks.

The engine scans and analyses both the reviews and the reviewers. The checks include if it was a verified purchase and whether the dates correlate. It also analyses the reviewers writing style, grammar and spelling and any other reviews they have written on any other products.

The best ratings are A and B indicating a high level of legitimate reviews and reviewers.

Company Grade has a similar rating scale which is the average of all Product Review Grades on a weighted scale.
The best top two ratings are A and B.

Shop with confidence

When you’re shopping online, you want to be sure you’re buying a high quality product from a reputable company. Rather than scouring the web and sifting through hundreds of product reviews (which may or may not be real), count on Trustwerty to give you the real deal.


We use a price drop service called KEEPA to bring you bargains, reductions and price drops.

Keepa maintains price histories for all products on Amazon, the world’s largest and most trusted online merchant.