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casual-day-packpacks-Backpacks are incredibly useful and practical but they also give the world a glimpse of who you are. And, just like our choices of what we wear, most people will also judge you based on your choice of backpack.

School Backpacks are one of the three broad types of backpack.

Starting secondary school with an primary school backpack and you’re in for a tough time.  You’ve just got to be cool. The cooler the better.

Cool backpacks will not only carry your books and gear, but also carry your confidence and improve self-esteem.

Cool brands at the moment are Herschel, Vans, Wenger and Jansport

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The JanSport Classic SuperBreak Backpack

A modern day classic. Elegant and simple this all black backpack is ultra functional and comfortable. Don’t feel comfortable with plain black? It comes in over 50 different colors and designs!

Lightweight with a simple design the JanSport Classic also has great quality – a long lasting school or university backpack. The excellent padding on the JanSport Classic straps makes the bag very comfortable to wear. Not too big and not too small this backpack seems just right for nearly any situation. It’s not going to carry every textbook in the world but it will carry quite a few.

It seems a point that buters make is that the JanSport Classic isn’t great for really young kids. Bags bought for children under 6 seem to suffer. The quality of the JanSport Classic is good but maybe with very careless treatment by young kids, tears and zip failures occur sooner. The bag is likely to be too big for young kids as well.

If you’re looking for a great simple backpack that comes in many cool designs and colors give the JanSport Classic a go.

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