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Vans Backpacks

Vans BackpacksThe American label was founded in the 1960s, specialising in sports-shoes, and has expanded over the years to include t-shirts, hooded jumpers, socks, hats, and backpacks.

Taking its influence from board sports and punk rock, Vans is a brand synonymous with the easy-going, laid-back Californian lifestyle.

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Its trademark skate shoe, crafted with high-quality fabrics and thick soles, has developed into a fashion symbol in its own right.

It provides the basis for a range of collections which include the classic look, Californian beach styles and more urban, off-the-wall designs. And for skaters and snowboarders, Vans continues to produce its high-performance sports shoes.

The Vans brand promotes the action sports lifestyle, youth culture and creative self-expression through the support of musicians, artists and athletes on boards and bikes all over the globe. 

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“it’s spacious, looks great, a very good backpack! for a student life its awesome”

“great item, plenty of space etc. However this is the second i’ve bought as the first one’s zip broke and the second zip after a few days then unseamed itself from the material, not impressed.”

“The bag isnt water-proof”

looks really nice in my opinion. A little pricey for what it is but it feel pretty durable. I didn’t care for the price very much, but I guess its what you have to pay for a brand like Vans.”

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