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Wenger Backpacks

wenger backpacksMaker of the genuiune Swiss Army knife Wenger is a brand with a rich history. For over 100 years Wenger has manufactured products focused on multi functionality, reliability and innovation much like the Swizz Army knife. Wenger backbacks reflect those same attributes. Two of the most popular backbacks from Wenger are the Synergy Computer Backpack and the Legacy Checkpoint computer friendly backback. These are both designed for the tech-savvy traveller and offer superior comfort organisation and protection for today’s electronics.


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The Synegry has a dedicated compartment for protetcion of up to a 16in laptop, the base of the bag provides a stable platform to keep the backpack standing upright. Shock absorbing shoulder straps give long lasting comfort allowing you to carry heavy loads with ease and an air-flow backback padding system offer you ventilation while your’e wearing your bag. The interior “quick pocket” holds an ipod or mp3 player and the headset port allows easy access to your music. The bag has a trolley strap that allow eyou to easy slide it over the handle of a rolling suitcase; The essentials organser at the front provides convenient storage for keys phones and other gadgets.

For the frequent traveller the Legacy has all the same features as the Synegry plus a checkpoint friendly compartment that can simply unzip the bag from top to bottom and unfold it and lay it flat on the x-ray belt.

Here are some of the best selling, highly rated range of Wenger Backpacks. From the bestsellers list with top stars rating from a high number of reviewers these products are the some of the best of the best. Need more choice? Amazon have some highly discounted products and you can check out 50% Off Wenger items at Amazon or broaden your search and see 50% Off Backpacks in general.

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“Build quality is excellent, bottom of the bag is covered in a hard wearing material …is also well balanced so will stand up on its base in a stable manner, making access easy. Also pretty comfortable when being worn”

“a huge capacity, and yet is quite compact in size – the Tardis of laptop backpacks”

“Absolutely fantastic…Bag is HUGE…laptop compartment is really well padded and well designed…Loads and loads of compartments”

“Comfortable to carry and great build quality. Looks brilliant too”

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“two large pads that rest against the back and large padded shoulder straps making it particularly comfortable to carry”

“quality is excellent – the padded straps and back padding make this one of the most comfortable rucksacks I’ve used”

“a hidden gem that you could easily pass over without realising that not only is it a superb laptop carrier but also an excellent general purpose leisure rucksack”

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“much bigger than usual laptop backpacks and has many pockets both inside and outside”

“One very minor concern is that the bottom of this backpack is surprisingly thin with hardly any padded material”

“has plenty of room with lots of little pockets to store things”

“Overall a brilliant product, one of my best purchases and great value for money as well. I only regret I didn’t invest in it sooner, as I’ve wasted quite a bit of money on cheaper but less durable rucksacks over the years.”

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