Rewind the clock a few decades and kids made do with packing their bits and pieces in mum and dad’s suitcase. Not now. Today’s little ones have a whole world of child-focused luggage to choose from, ranging from the award winning Trunki to My First Samsonite’s themed collections of cases that seem to come in just about every shape and size possible.

Having their own luggage gives kids a sense of independent, being grown up and makes the journey part of the whole magical holiday experience.  Childrens suitcases on wheels are great for adding a sense of excitement and independence, they are useful for weekends away and short trips too.  Providing them with a childrens suitcases is a great way of offering them a little responsibility whilst keeping them occupied too.

Children love to be like their parents and with our fun designs and colourful selection of childrens suitcases and trolley bags they can do just that. From the stunning red with hearts to the iconic ‘Julius’ Paul Frank cabin Luggage. The choice is yours or should I say theirs.

When you decide to invest in extra luggage for your offspring this summer, make sure you’re getting value for money, practicality, durability and hopefully a bit of fun.