Ferge Lyon classy sylish 3 piece suitcase set

FERGÉ is French. Young, classy and stylish.

FERGÉ offers a range of high quality luggage and suitcases that deliver an excellent combination of high technology, low weight, extreme durability and a modern clean design.

“FERGÉ and the journey can start!”

The brand holds fast to its promise to use only man-made materials and materials which help to save and protect the environment.
(e.g. light tech materials, non-animal, etc).




  • 3-piece hard-top case set made of durable DURE-FLEX material
  • multi-layered ABS/polycarbonate material – tough and built to last, the blend offers strength and flexibility, so that it will not crack or smash.
  • 4 silent multi-directional 360 wheels for smart travelling
  • 2-step telescope handle adjustable with easy movement
  • storage-friendly: sizes fit into each other
  • secure combination lock
  • safe and environmental (3 in 1) packaging


  • XL (70 x 47 x 28 cm) – 4.2 kg – 100 litres
  • M  (60 x 41 x 25 cm) – 3.5 kg –  70 litres
  • S  (50 x 34 x 21 cm) –  2.9 kg – 38 litres
    Sizes without wheels, etc.

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