LuggageX Virtually Indestructible

“For the price this case is a real winner. Its tough, functional and great value… this case has proved itself against a set of better known competitors.” Skyscanner

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Reasonably Priced
In recent times it has become clear that there is an increasing demand by travellers for lightweight luggage with a hard outer casing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Lightweight & Durable
LuggageX’s shell is made from Polypropylene which is renowned for its strength, and durability. LuggageX cases have been designed and moulded so that they are extremely lightweight while maintaining exceptional durability which has been confirmed through stress testing procedures.

Practically Indestructible
Travel Editor for CBS News Peter Greenberg aka “The Travel Detective,” America’s most recognized and respected front-line travel news journalist, says “LuggageX, a newcomer from the UK, has proven itself as both practically indestructible as well as inexpensive. During a durability test, its suitcase was one of the few that survived being crushed by a Prius.

LuggageX Suitcase Features

Features Outside:

  • made from high-impact ultra lightweight polypropylene
  • shiny surface alternating with a sandblast texture
  • 4 x Multi-directional wheels (360 degrees) for optimum maneuverability
  • case can be towed in conventional two-wheel mode, or moved when upright on all four wheels
  • retracting towing handle with 3 different locking positions
  • top and side spring-back carry handles
  • zip closure with TSA combination lock
  • heavy duty external zips
  • name & address tag on the back of the case.

Features Inside:

  • fully lined satin interior
  • 2 main compartments inside with zipped dividing wall
  • additional zipped pocket for toiletries etc.
  • Elastic content restrainer straps
  • Sizes & Dimensions:
    22″ – 56cm x 40cm x 28cm – 2.7kg – 50L
    26″ – 66cm x 47cm x 31cm – 3.7kg – 78L
    30″ – 77cm x 56cm x 36cm – 4.9kg – 126L
    All Sizes Approx.

Buyers Opinions

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The LuggageX marketing says its “virtually indestructible” but when you come to buy they make it clear that “Although the fabric and components used in this product are tough and durable it should be understood that our products are not indestructible.”

That said, the buyer reviews of this luggage do not lie. This is indeed a very strong, spacious and lightweight suitcase. Of course you’ll get surface scuffs and scrape marks but in general the LuggageX lives up to the hype.

Functionality: It has a one-year guarantee, four multi-directional wheels that can spin 360 degrees for optimum maneuverability, a retracting towing handle with three different locking positions, two spring-back carry handles, and a zip closure with a TSA Combination Lock. The suitcase’s inside is fully lined with satin and has two main compartments with a zipped dividing wall, and also an additional zipped inner bag for toiletries.

Durability: The Skyscanner “destruction test” (see the video above) gave it 5 stars and was one of just three to make it back to the Skyscanner office definitely bruised, but not broken. They found the LuggageX claim of ‘virtually indestructible’ was pretty accurate – thats the benefit of being made from ultra-lightweight Polypropylene.

Looks: The styling is sleek and modern. The alternating shiny and sandblast texture surface is a real eye catcher.

Value for Money: For the price, this case is a real winner. It’s tough, functional and great value. Right now its not a well-known brand, but this case has proved itself against a set of better known and in many cases much more expensive suitcase brands.

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