Vojagor® TRSE05 4 Piece Suitcase Set

Big, Strong and Gorgeous. No not George Clooney.

But from buyers comments the Vojagor® TRSE05 4 Piece Suitcase Set are quality suitcases and seem difficult to fault.
And at around £100 for 4 suitcases! Now that’s got to be a real bargain.

Vojagor luggage is made by JAGO Ag Stuttgart , Germany. In less than ten years, JAGO AG has grown from a one-man-company with a turnover of  €200,000 to an international firm with hundreds of employees and a turnover of €93,000,000.

They roll extremely smoothly and as if they weren’t big enough they’re expandable too. The internal pockets and straps also make for awesome organisation. Very solid and easy to pick out in the baggage claim.

XL: 71 x 51 x 34 cm – 5 kg – 124 L
L:   61 x 43 x 33 cm  – 4.5 kg – 87 L
M:  51 x 37 x 28 cm – 3.8 kg – 54 L
S:  41 x 33 x 24 cm



Vojagor-TRSE05-4-Pc-Suitcase-Set-Orange  Vojagor-suitcase-inside


  • Modern design
  • Plenty of storage – can be expanded with the zipper
  • 4 silent and sturdy rubber wheels, 360° rotatable
  • Very light in weight
  • Shock-resistant due to ABS hard cover
  • Can be stored one into each other
  • 2 handles on the side to improve the carrying comfort
  • Retractable telescopic handle: Easy to use with a button for a comfortable and easy journey
  • Integrated combination lock, 3 digits
  • 4 feet for ensuring a safe and stable grip
  • Sturdy protectors on the edges


  • The handy interior packing straps secure the packed items and help to prevent the clothes from creases


  • Very spacious and just in case there isn’t enough room inside, they’re also expandable!
  • The largest case is massive and should meet any normal holiday needs
  • Easy to manoeuvrable on the spinner wheels even when loaded with over 25Kg
  • They roll extremely smoothly, even across carpet, with no problem
  • All sorts of pockets and straps inside that make for awesome organisation
  • The built in locks are great and the combination is easy to change
  • The cases fit neatly inside one another very easily which is great for storage
  • Very strong – look gorgeous and for the price it’s a bargain
  • Very solid and easy to pick out in the baggage claim


  • The cases are short and wide so might be a bit awkward to fit into car boot, train or airline overhead bins


  • Quick and prompt delivery
  • 2 sets all arrived within 5 working days
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