Luggage: Why You Buy What You Buy

Changes in the airline industry are making people rethink what they want from luggage.

A survey in the US a couple of years ago came up with some interesting findings.

: Consumers would rather spend more money on durable high-quality luggage than spend less on pieces that won’t last as long. People are looking to save money in the long run by choosing luggage that is made to last.

GUARANTEED: A guarantee is a big positive whether it’s a ten year guarantee or a lifetime warranty. Its important that a manufacturer stands behind its product. But the guarantee will probably only cover manufacturing or structural defects. Its not going to cover airline mishandling. Tripp offer a Five-Year Guarantee but
Briggs & Riley have a no-strings-attached Lifetime Guarantee on all their bag..

FUNCTIONALITY: Manufacturers are constantly focusing on improving different elements of suitcases. The winner in the luggage stakes will be the one who can hit that sweet spot of size, weight and functionality and at the same time cost less and still look cool.

Retro-style luggage is also making a come back.

SIZE MATTERS: Size and Weight are the top two most important factors in choosing luggage. Three out of every heavy-suitcasefour people surveyed said this was important for them. Which means the size to weight ratio is particularly important.

Is this the Worlds Lightest Suitcase?

USABILITY: Features and Functionality come a close third and fourth.  Wheels, locks and the usability of the suitcase are clearly important.  The most important concern of travellers is how convenient is the luggage for for carrying or transporting.

danaged-suitcasesDURABILITY: Durability comes in at number five. Almost a third of people surveyed were concerned about damage to their bags and suitcase safety.  Especially when you hear the tales of baggage handlers either the heavy-handed careless types or the light-fingered .

COST: Only after al these things comes price. Number six on the importance list is how much the luggage costs.

LOOKS: Way down the list is Style&Colour and perhaps surprisingly Brand. Brand was only important for one in three people survey.


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