Lightweight Suitcases Part 1

Lightweight Cabin Luggage Bags

With most airlines now charging extra for checked bags, it’s no wonder more savvy travellers are buying lightweight cabin luggage and cramming all their essentials into carry-on cases. Less weight in your suitcase means more allowance for your stuff inside it.

In 2006 the average carry-on suitcase weighed 5kg, in 2010 that became 3.6kg and in 2015 its down to 2.6kg. But like many things in life finding the best lightweight suitcases is a compromise.

This is the first in a series of 6-Of-the-Best reviews ranging from basic soft-sided bags to hard-sided four-wheel spinners.

We’re using the Net Promoter Score concept to help give us a better idea of what buyers really think of these products.

All items reviewed will be top examples in their class. Great value, top rated, quality products.

First off lets have a look at some basic lightweight cabin luggage bags.

1. Karabar Folding Cabin Bag


2. 5 Cities® “world’s lightest” holdall

3. More4bagz Super Lightweight Holdall

4. OUTBACK LITE Carry On Bag 

5. Cabin Max Backpack Carry On Bag

6. Dussel Professional Cabin Bag

Lightweight Cabin Luggage Winner

We chose the 5 Cities World’s lightest as the winner of this Lightweight Cabin Luggage group. It has the best lightness factor of 11 grams per litre.  Its high Net Promoter Score of 81%. Price tag of under £10.

In second place we put the  Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved. It has a marginally better NPS of 82% but its lightness factor of 15 gram/litre makes it heaver than the 5 Cities and at £25 its costs almost three times as much.

If your budget lies somewhere between £10 and £20 then our choice for lightweight cabin luggage would be the “OUTBACK LITE” Cabin Maximum with its reasonable NPS  and a good lightness factor.

The Karabar Folding Cabin Bag and More4bagz Super Lightweight Cabin were the heaviest of this group and the Dussel Professional Cabin Backpack had a poor NPS of 86 – 81% of buyers liked it or loved it but 13% of buyers disliked or hated it.

FACTS and FIGURES (correct at 26 May 2015)

Price H L W Litres Weight Kg g/l Pro% Con% NPS Rank
Karabar Folding Cabin Bag £6.99 55 40 20 44 0.97 22 76% 13% 63
5 Cities World’s lightest £8.99 55 40 20 44 0.5 11 86% 5% 81  1
More4bagz Super Lightweight Cabin £16.99 50 40 20 40 1.2 30 83% 7% 76
“OUTBACK LITE” Cabin Maximum £19.99 50 40 20 40 0.69 18 84% 9% 75  3
Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved £24.99 55 40 20 44 0.66 15 88% 6% 82  2
Dussel Professional Cabin Backpack £24.95 50 40 20 40 0.65 16 81% 13% 68
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