Lightweight Suitcases Part 2

Lightweight Suitcases 2 wheels soft-sided

In this second of the series 6-Of-the-Best reviews we look at two-wheeled soft-sided suitcases. Part 1 reviewed basic soft-sided bags. All items reviewed will be top examples in their class. Great value, top rated, quality products.

Sales of wheeled carry-on cases are booming. Here we put six of the best carry-on cases – to suit all budgets – to the test.

1. More4bagz Cabin Approved 

The More4bagz Cabin Approved Holdall Bag weighs in at 43 grams per litre which is equal best in this review group for lightness. 90% of buyers either liked it or loved it while only 3% didn’t like or hated it.  That gives the More4bags bag a Net Promoter Score(NPS)  of 87 (90% – 3%).  The closer this number is to 100 the better. It comes in a limited range of colours.

2. Karabar Super Lightweight Cabin

The Karabar Super Lightweight Cabin case is equally light as theat 43 grams/litre. 87% of buyers gave it the thumbs up while 4% gave it teh thumbs down. That makes an NPS of 83. Like the More4bags it has a limited range of colours. 

3. Frenzy®/Cities® Lightweight Holdall 

The Frenzy/5Cities Lightweight Holdall case comes in a limited range of colours and has pretty low NPS of 64. Thats the poorest in this group. It is advertsied as a 42 litre suitcase but from the measurements of 54cm x 35cm x 19cm its actually 35.9 litres. Weighing 1.65 kg  that makes it 46 grams/litre. .

4. 5 Cities Lightweight Wheeled Bag 

The 5Cities Lightweight Wheeled Bag has a reasonable NPS figures here at 71. 82% of buyers liked or loved it while 11% disliked or hated it. It is advertsied as a 42 litre suitcase but from the measurements of 54cm x 35cm x 19cm its really 35.9 litres. Its the heaviest bag in this group at 2.6 kg which gives it a big 66 grams/litre figure.  It comes in a limited range of colours.

5. Aerolite 2 Wheel Flight Bag

The Aerolite case weighs 1.75kg and takes up 38.5 litres of space which is 45 grams / litre. Its NPS of 79 is pretty good – 86% liked or loved it versus 7% who disliked or hated it.

6. Cabin Max® Lyon Cabin

The Cabinmax Lyon weighs 1.8kg, the second heaviest bag here, but for that you get the full 42litres of space (55cm x 40cm x 20cm). Thats a lightness factor of 45 grams / litre. WIth 86% of buyers rating it 4 or 5 stars and 10% rating it 1 or 2 stars thats a reasonable NPS of 76.

The Group Winner

With the highest NPS value and equal lightness factor we chose the More4Bags Cabin Approved bag as the winner in this group. The Karabar Super Lightweight Cabin case ran it a very close second. Both are lightweight suitcases and as cheap as chips and at under £10 might almost be considered as disposable.

Most disappointing was the Frenzy/5Cities Lightweight Holdall case. Its low Net Promoter Score of 64 really lets it down. There’s just too many buyers who only give it a 1 or 2 star rating.

If your budget stretches to  around £25 then the Aerolite Super Lightweight is perhaps worth considering.

Facts and Figures (correct as at 26 May 2015)

Price NPS g / l  Ranking
More4Bags Cabin Holdall £9.95 87 43 1
Karabar Cabin Bag £9.99 83 43 2
Frenzy Lightweight Bag £15.49 64 46
5 Cities Cabin Approved £25.04 71 66
Aerolite Super Lightweight £26.04 79 45 3
Cabinmax Lyon £34.99 76 45  .

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