Lightweight Suitcases Part 3

Lightweight Suitcases 4 wheels hard-sides

In this third of the series 6-Of-the-Best reviews we look at two-wheeled hard-sided suitcases. Part 2 reviewed basic soft-sided cases with two wheels. All items reviewed will be top examples in their class. Great value, top rated, quality products.

Sales of wheeled carry-on cases are booming. Here we put six of the best carry-on hard sided cases – to suit all budgets – to the test.

1. Karabar Cabin Approved

The Karabar Cabin Approved is one of the heaviest of the lightweight suitcases in this group. The lightness factor is the second poorest at 77.1 grams /per litre.  On the positive side thought it would seem from buyers comments that Karabar provide a very good customer service which may be a factor in their Net Promoter Score of 81.

2. 5 Cities® Lightweight Hard 4 Wheel Spinner

The 5 Cities  4 wheel spinner weights 2.7 Kg in a shade over 33 litres. This gives it a lightness factor of 69 grams / litre putting mid-table in this group. With 90% of buyers liking or loving this product and only 5% disliking or hating it the excellent resulting NPS figure is  85 and is joint best in this group. On the down-side though quite a few buyers appear to have had some issues the zips.
(Top Tip: applying a little Vaseline to zips helps them stick less and glide more easily)

3. Cabin Max Silver ABS spinner

Only 76% of buyers gave the  Cabin Max ABS spinner the thumbs up while a big 15% gave it the thumbs down..That gives it an NPS of 61 which is the poorest of teh group. It also has the worst lightness figure coming in at almost 72 grams per litre.  There also seems to be some discrepancy in the actual measurements of this suitcase.

4. Laptop ABS Hard Shell Cabin Case

The ABS Hard Shell Cabin Case has the second best lightness factor here – 66 grams / litre. It also has the second best NPS score  at 84 which is just one point short of the top mark of 85 – almost 9 out of 10 buyers liked or loved it.


Even though buyers liked the quality of this case the The HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Suitcase Alex has a disappointing NPS of 68. Only 8 out of 10 buyers lked it or loved it. Perhaps the quality of the case material along with the chunky bumper protectors are the factors in its average lightness factor of 67 grams per litre.

6. Members Miro Printed Hardshell 4 Wheel spinner

The Members Miro 4 Wheel spinner is the most expensive of the lightweight suitcases in this group. It does however have the best lightness factor and an excellent joint top NPS score of 85. Nine out of 10 buyers gave it the thumbs up with only 4% giving it the thumbs down.

The Group Winner

With joint highest NPS value of 85 and good lightness factor of 69 grams / litre at £30 we chose the 5 Cities  4 wheel spinner as the winner in this group of lightweight suitcases. The Laptop ABS Hardshell case ran it a very close second but lost out on cost. Both are lightweight suitcases and very reasonably priced..

Most disappointing here was the Cabin Max Sliver ABS case. Its very low Net Promoter Score of 61 really let it down. There are just too many buyers who rate it as only 1 or 2 stars.

If your budget stretches to around £80 then perhaps the Members Miro 4 Wheel spinner is worth considering – a very good NPS and the best lightness factor in this grouip.

Facts and Figures (correct as at 28 May 2015)

Price NPS g/l Ranking
Karabar Cabin Approved £29.99 81 71
5 Cities  4 wheel spinner £30.04 85 69 1
Cabin Max Sliver ABS £39.93 61 72
Laptop ABS Hardshell £49.98 84 66 2
Hauptstadtkoffer £59.99 68 67
Members Miro Printed Hardshell £79.95 85 63 3

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