Lightweight Suitcases Part 4 – Best of the Best

Lightweight Suitcases Best of Review

With most airlines now charging extra for checked bags, it’s no wonder more savvy travellers are buying lightweight cabin luggage and cramming all their essentials into carry-on cases. Less weight in your suitcase means more allowance for your stuff inside it.

In 2006 the average carry-on suitcase weighed 5kg, in 2010 that became 3.6kg and in 2015 its down to 2.6kg. But like many things in life finding the best lightweight suitcases is a compromise.

In part one of this review we looked at some basic lightweight cabin luggage bags. Part 2 reviewed soft-sided two wheel lightweight suitcases. Part 3 compared six hard-sided lightweight suitcases. All lightweight suitcases in each group were top examples in their class. Great value, top rated, quality products.

The important factors for us in choosing winners were Price, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and of course Lightness Factor since we’re reviewing Lightweight Suitcases.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

In these reviews we’ve used the concept of Net Promoter Score (NPS). Its a survey method which measures if customers are likely to recommend a product or a service to a friend, colleague or other person in their social network. Effectively NPS is the percentage of buyers who like or love the product minus the percentage of buyers who dislike or hate it. The bigger the NPS is the better.
(See below for a fuller explanation.)

Lightness Factor

Suitcases vary in size. Even around the 55x x40 x20 cms “standard” there is variation. They also vary in weight because they are made from different types of materials. A small suitcase will clearly weigh less that a very large suitcase made from the same material. To be able to compare different sized lightweight suitcases we used a Lightness Factor. This is simply how much volume of space (measured in litres) do you get for the weight (measured in grams). The lighness factor is a number of grams per litre. The smaller this number is better.

Part 1: Lightweight Cabin Luggage Winner

We chose the 5 Cities World’s lightest as the winner of the basic Lightweight Cabin Luggage group. It had the best lightness factor of 11 grams per litre and a high Net Promoter Score of 81%. With a price tag of under £10 it could almost be considered disposable luggage.

In second place we put the  Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved. It had a marginally better NPS of 82% but its lightness factor of 15 gram/litre makes it heaver than the 5 Cities and at £25 its costs almost three times as much.


Part 2: Lightweight Suitcases 2 wheels soft-sided

Lightweight Suitcases - More4Bags Cabin ApprovedIn the soft-sided two wheels lighweight suitcases group we chose the More4Bags Cabin Approved bag as the winner. At under £10 with an excellent NPS of 87 and a lightness factor of 43 grams per litre.

The Karabar Super Lightweight Cabin case ran it a very close second. Both are lightweight suitcases and as cheap as chips at under £10.

Most disappointing was the Frenzy/5Cities Lightweight Holdall –  read the full review to find out why

Part 3: Lightweight Suitcases 4 wheels hard-sides

With joint highest NPS value of 85 and good lightness factor of 69 grams / litre at only £30 we chose the 5 Cities  4 Wheel Spinner as the winner in this group of lightweight suitcases. The Laptop ABS Hardshell case ran it a very close second but lost out on cost. Both are lightweight suitcases and very reasonably priced..

Most disappointing here was the Cabin Max Sliver ABS case – find out why in the full review.


Lightweight Suitcases Overall Winner

Chossing our overall winner was difficult.  Its always a matter of compromise. But which is more important – Price? Lightness? Quality? After you read the reviews you may well come up with a different decision that suits you. Perhaps you want the protection that a hard shell case can provide. Maybe just being able to pull the case rather than always having to carry it is important.

The  5 Cities World’s lightest winner of the basic Lightweight Cabin Luggage group was a no-frills no-wheels no-locks good basic bag. It had a good NPS of 81 a price tag of under £10  and a lightness factor of 11 grams per litre.

The More4Bags Cabin Approved bag winner of the soft-sided two wheel group had an excellent NPS of 87 cost under £10 and a lightness factor of 43 grams per litre.

The 5 Cities  4 spinner  winner in the hard-sided 4 wheel group had a very good NPS value of 85, a price tag of £30 and good lightness factor of 69 grams / litre..

And the winner is …

Giving us the best combination of qualities for an excellent price we finally decided on the More4Bags Cabin Approved as our winner of this lightweight suitcases review. .

Lightweight Suitcases - More4Bags Cabin Approved

More4Bags Cabin Approved

Lightweight Suitcase Price NPS g/l Ranking
5 Cities World’s Lightest  £10  81  11
More4Bags Cabin Approved  £10  87  43  1
5 Cities  4 Wheel Spinner  £30  85  69

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