Worlds Lightest Suitcase Part 2

Lightweight Suitcases go head-to-head in the search to find the worlds lightest suitcase. The next two contenders are the Cabin Max Lyon and the 5 Cities Lightweight Expandable.

The Cabin Max Lyon weighs 1.7kg.  Inside there’s 44 litres of space for all those holiday outfits. This gives a weight for size figure of 39 g/L.

Buyers liked the good quality and low price of this suitcase. The advertised dimension of this product however are up for debate. Some customers have measured this suitcase at 60cm rather than 55cm and 22cm rather than 20cm.  A bigger bag for your money certainly. But it exceeded the carry on dimensions they were looking  for.  Others measured theirs and found the sizes accurate.

The Cabin Max is big enough to hold a weeks worth of travel clothes provided you pack like a pro. It has pockets inside and outside at the front useful for holding travel documents.

The advantage of this case is that it also doubles as a backpack. The backpack straps are conveniently stored in a zippered section in the back.

Another very practical aspect is that it folds almost flat when not in use. You’re not going to get that with your shiny hard shell suitcase.

So how did buyers rate the Cabin Max? 33% liked it and 48% loved it. That’s an 81% positive rating.

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This 5 Cities suitcase is big. Classed as eXtra Large, the 113 litres of space of this suitcase, weighs only 4.23 kgs. Its an attractive looking case and is easy to pick out on the baggage carousel both from its size and the striking flash of colour.

One particular benefit, highlighted by buyers, was how good this suitcase was for transporting wedding dresses for those planning a destination wedding.

You can see this case at many highstreet stores but at the time of writing Amazon had the best deal on this one.

20% of buyers liked this 5 Cities suitcase and 64% loved it. A 84% positive review. Its worlds lightest suitcase figure is 37 g/L.

The 5 Cities brand have some very funky styles.

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