Worlds Lightest Suitcase Part 3

Lightweight suitcases battle it out for the title of worlds lightest suitcase. The final two contenders in this survey are the Eastpak Tranverz M and the IT “Carry Tow”.

The Eastpak suitcase weighs in at 3.2 kg and provides a respectable 78L of packing space giving a review figure of 41 g/L.

Buyers loved this Eastpak Tranverz. 88% loved it! and an additional 4% liked it. That’s an impressive 92% positive rating.

They were particularly impressed with the quality, quietness and easy running wheels. This is top-notch build and real value for money.

It has two full sized and zipped inner compartments (one in each half when the case is open). The adjustable straps mean that you can adjust the depth of the case if it’s not full so that the contents don’t flop about all over the place.

The zips and handles are sturdy and  the wheels are so smooth you hardly know you’re pulling anything. The telescopic handle mechanism is solid and there’s padded handle grips both at the top and side.

The only downside is that the bag needs to be relatively full to stand up properly. Being soft sided, it needs plenty in it for it to sit squarely on the floor.

Overall, this is a wonderful piece of luggage with an astounding 30 year guarantee.

Eastpak have a huge range of suitcase and bags to suit every buyer and every pocket.

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This is a spinner with smooth and silent glide wheels. The inter-locking system is designed to allow up to 3 cases of any size to be connected by easy click-and-snap straps and pulled with just one trolley handle. The straps can be hidden in pockets when not in use. Newly released in 2014 it comes with the usual manufacturers 10 year guarantee from IT.

The 119 litre size weighs in at 2.60 kg giving it a review figure of 22 g/L. Unfortunately, being so new there is no representative buyer rating.

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