Worlds Lightest Suitcase the Winner

This survey looked at six of the lightest suitcases in the marketplace to find the ultimate Worlds Lightest Suitcase. Lightness was based on a ratio of weight for size.

Nominations for the award of Worlds Lightest Suitcase are….


Kg Litres g/L* Buyers Rating Price
Aerolite 1.88 33 57 84% £26.99
More4bagz Cabin Approved 1.4 40 35 n/a £11.95
Cabin Max Lyon 1.7 44 39 81% £34.99
5 Cities 4.23 113 37 84% £24.99
Eastpak Tranverz M 3.2 78 41 92% £79.99
IT Luggage ‘Carry Tow’ 2.6 119 22 n/a £85.00


* grams per litre – the lower the figure the better



Based purely on the Grams per Litre lightness  figure the title of Worlds Lightest Suitcase goes to …..

IT Luggage ‘Carry Tow’

where you get a magnificent 119 litres of luggage space for a featherweight 2.6 kilograms. Amazing!


With an outstanding 92%, the choice from the buyers rating is the Eastpak Tranverz M but is the second heaviest in this survey.

However, these are the two most expensive suitcases in the survey.


The value for money option of the remaining four is the 5 Cities 32″ Lightweight Expandable.

What’s your choice?

Find out more about your favourite and explore the lightweight ranges.

Aerolite | More4bags | Cabin Max | IT Luggage | Eastpak |  5 Cities

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