Worlds Lightest Suitcase Part 1

Lightweight Suitcases – the Ultimate Guide

Lightweight suitcases go head to head in the challenge to find the Worlds’ Lightest Suitcase.

At last I was finally able to put my years of school science classes to good use! My challenge was to find the “Worlds Lightest Suitcase“.


lightweight suitcases - worlds-lightest-suitcase

World’s Lightest Suitcase?

lightweight suitcases - worlds-biggest-suitcase

World’s Heaviest Suitcase?

Its Not Just About Size

Take a look at these suitcases. The tiny one on the left will obviously be lighter than the one on the right. So its the lightest suitcase in the world. (Until some one makes a smaller one of course) But as a suitcase its not very practical is it? So for lightweight suitcases its not just about size.

Its Not Just About Weight

And neither is it just about weight. If you weighed each of these bags I hope its obvious which one is going to be heavier. (For goodness sake it takes two people to lift the one on the right).  But there’s much more space inside the bigger heavier one. Right?

Its About How Much Size Do You Get For Your Weight

So the key thing here is not a question of heavyweight suitcases versus lightweight suitcases, big versus small. Its a question of how much space (measured in litres) do you get for the weight (measured in grams). We want very little weight and lots of space. In other words we want the grams per litre (g/L) to be small. The smaller the better.

Its the grams/Litre (g/L) that will determine which suitcase is the worlds lightest suitcase.

Lightweight Suitcases Head-to-Head

I scoured the internet for the lightweight suitcases for worlds lightest suitcase challenge.

Some lightweight suitcases market themselves as the lightest. But are they really? Lets see.

Here are six of the best in the challenge to find the worlds lightest suitcase.

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The Aerolite provides 33 litres of packing space and weighs 1.88 kg giving a review figure of 57 g/L. This is one of the poorest figures in this review.

Buyers of the Aerolite were delighted with the quality of the materials used in this case. Compared with the other suitcase advertised as the “worlds lightest suitcase” this was thick, strong and sturdy and well up to the rigours of the baggage handlers.

The easy running wheels and manoeuvrability were also a bit hit with consumers. Especially the four wheeled version where, even when crammed with everything for a week’s stay, the weight was barely noticeable.

The two pockets on the outside, one large one small, make for useful spaces for those items you need to get to quickly.

Don’t like boring old black? There are more than 15 colours to choose from. You’re sure to find one to match your personality. Easy to pick out on the baggage reclaim carousel too!

How did buyers rate the Aerolite? 19% liked it and 65% loved it. An 84% positive rating.

Check the full range of beautiful colours on Amazon and compare prices

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Too low to display.
Average Rating:

No features more

This case offers 40 litres of space for a lighweight 1.4kg. More suitcase space and lighter than the Aerolite. That’s a 35 g/L figure for the review.

There’s very little by way of feedback from customers on this one. That said, it is cheap and the quality seems pretty good. There’s a sturdy retractable handle and plenty of storage space with a single pocket on the front for quick access to stuff you need quick access to. With so little feedback a positive rating figure would be misleading.

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