Luggage Scales

Luggage Scales  – Avoid Excess Baggage Fees

Excess baggage fees can leave a sour taste in your mouth at the end of your holiday as well as a hefty dent in your wallet.  Check your weight and get your wine, gifts and presents home safe and sound with no extra cost. Useful on the outbound journey too!

Avoid being clobbered by £10 per kilo excess baggage fees by buying one of these little luggage scales gizmos.

  • Easy to use luggage scales
  • Compact and only 175g
  • Weighs up to 40kg and is accurate to 50g
  • The automatic hold feature allows you to lift the luggage, set it down on the floor and then read the weight.

The No More Excess scales are compact, lightweight and simple to use. However some buyers have found the steel grip to lift is quite narrow and you can only use about 3 fingers making it a bit painful when weighing anything over 15kg.

  • reliable, accurate, compact, easy to use
  • both kg and lb.
  • comfort grip, woven nylon strap, high quality
  • up to 50kg in weight.  is built to last.

The Duronic is accurate and comfortable to use even with a 20kg bag. The handle is curved and is designed to be held using your whole hand or even both. Very simple to use – you just press the button, wait till it beeps /sets the scale to zero, then lift.

  • very lightweight, unique design, easy to use
  • auto hold feature with a beep alert
  • weigh up to 50kg

The Tekbox very accurate compared to BA and Easyjet scales. They weigh in kilos, lbs and grammes and have a cool backlit display.

  • can be used for fishing, post room, luggage etc.
  • Weighs up to 40kg
  • Precise weighing within 0.02kg (20 grams,0.05lb)
  • Auto Shut Down in 90 seconds when not in use

There look cute and are pretty accurate for weight checking but it can be tricky getting a steady number sometimes.

  • user friendly; easy to use luggage scales
  • digital display on top of the scales so you do not need to bend down nor lift the luggage higher to see the weight
  • reliable and accurate scale measuring bags and luggages
  • up to 50KG in weight in kg, st, lb
  • red light if over 20kg green light if under 20k

Readings are very accurate, to one decimal place, however there is definitely a knack to using it as the scales have to reset when there is no tension on the straps. One buyer found its weighed light – 90kg of luggage on the scale came in at 95kg at the airport.


A survey of 2000 Britons reveals that the average man packs 18 items of clothing for one week away, while women take 36 items of clothing and generally pack between six and eight pairs of shoes.

A pair of shoes weighs roughly 1kg so that’s a third of your baggage allowance in shoes alone!

The findings also reveal 77% of men claim their other half has used their case to take extra clothes away with them. And it seems it’s a bone of contention, as more than two thirds of couples admit to arguing while sorting out luggage for a break – with unnecessary items taking up space the main reason for a pre-trip bust-up.

However, it seems women are in control of what makes it into a suitcase. 42% of men in a relationship confess to letting their partner pack for them. But only 5% of women said they would be happy to let their other half sort out the luggage for a holiday.

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