TSA Locks – Suitcase Locks – Cable Ties

TSA Locks

TSA locks, Travel Sentry Approved locks, used to be only relevant for America but are becoming increasingly adopted in many countries. TSA is pretty standard on most luggage locks now.

You lock your house.You lock your car. Why not LOCK YOUR LUGGAGE?

1 x TSA Approved
3 Combination

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Did you know?

  1.  International treaties require that all luggage be security screened before being loaded on passenger airplanes
  2. The Travel Sentry system is used by security agencies at Canadian Airports  and at Tokyo’s Narita an Haneda Airports. It is also used by the customs agencies of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand.
  3. Baggage security inspections often requires luggage to be opened to complete the inspection
  4. If your luggage is locked with TSA locks the security officers can open it for inspection and relock it
  5. In the USA and some other countries if your luggage does not use a TSA accepted lock the security officers can and will break it open for inspection
  6. Luggage that uses TSA Locks can be inspected faster and not delayed to break open the locks
  7. You can use your Travel Sentry Approved locks and luggage anywhere in the worl
  8. In 2004, Samsonite developed the first luggage with integrated TSA locks..
  9. By 2014 there were 300 million TSA locks and luggage in use and that this number increases every minute
  10. Locking your luggage protects your possessions from theft, tampering and misuse by smugglers
  11. Many models of luggage are designed to stay closed during handling ONLY if they are locked

Cable Ties

Even more effective, if a little less convenient, are Cable Ties. You can get 100 of these for under £2 at Amazon  or your local hardware store. You’ll know if your cable tie is still there it hasn’t been messed with. You can’t tell if your lock have been opened or not.





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