Antler Luggage Lightweight Aire Reviewed

Antler Luggage launches Aire Collection

Antler Luggage has launched its latest collection: Aire.

“Quite simply, the lightest soft case we’ve ever made! Weighing in from 2kg Aire is perfect for serial over-packers and fashionistas.”

Antler has built a repuation for making quality luggage over the last 90 years. They pride themselves on their ability to provide innovative luggage designed for lightness and strength without compromising on quality.

The typical suitcases have been continuously remodelled and developed in order to accommodate the ever growing, ever demanding tourism market.

With a British heritage, Antler has been a revolutionary brand in the luggage market since its arrival and is now a number one choice for thousands of travellers.

Antler suitcases are extremely durable and long lasting. Many of their suitcases come with an impressive warranty, demonstrating the brand’s confidence in their products.

Antler luggage is created with convenience in mind, making it a favourite with frequent travellers. Antler suitcases are sturdy yet versatile thanks to their placement of secure zips, and additional compartments.

The Antler Aire range comes in large, medium and cabin sizes in charcoal, aubergine and teal..

Aire has a sleek, streamlined tonal design, made from polyester, with a rounded structure using extremely lightweight metal.

Antler Luggage Aire Model Antler Luggage Aire TSA Lock
Antler Luggage Aire Wheels Antler Luggage Aire Inside

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Average Rating:
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Additional internal pockets and packing straps allow for maximum packing inside with a front pocket for easy organisation.

The large case weighs in at an unprecedented 2.7 kilograms, the medium case at 2.3 kilograms and the cabin case weighs in at 2 kilograms.

Each Aire suitcase includes a fixed TSA combination lock for added peace of mind and 360 degree rotating wheels for effortless control.

Perfect for both long and short haul journeys the Aire collection provides the manoeuvrability and ease Antler is famed for.

Whether taking up less baggage allowance or assisting in a fuss free commute; the Aire fits for both busy business journeys and holidays alike.

Prices start at £160 for a Cabin case and £180 for a Large case.

This is a year of celebration for luxury travel brand Antler.

Established in 1914 it continues to launch its new collection of suitcases, which epitomises 100 years of British style and design excellence.

Antler’s Lightest Ever
Antler have used innovative construction and clever design to make this their lightest soft case ever.

Safe And Secure
The fixed TSA combination lock will give you added peace of mind on every journey.

Complete maneuverability
360 degree rotating wheels give you effortless control.

  • Innovative super lightweight construction
  • 10 year warranty
  • Internal pocket and packing straps
  • 360 degree rotating wheels for complete manoeuvrability
  • Front pocket for easy organisation

Antler Aire Medium Suitcase 

Size 68 x 44 x 27cm cm
Weight 2.3 kg
Packing Capacity 67 Ltr ltr
Gross Capacity 81 Ltr ltr
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